Get Rich Quick: Your Winter Skin Care Guide

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's the most horrible time of the year...for your skin and hair.

Raved: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review by: Serina Phoenix

For someone who does not wear makeup often, makeup remover just does not seem like an essential product.  I would normally just was my face with my facial cleanser and towel.  It took me awhile to realize I really was not removing all of my makeup -and it was kind of a shame to have a rainbow colored towel after.  But while doing some research (countless hours perusing blogs and watching beauty gurus on Youtube), I kept coming across this product called Bioderma Crealine (Sensibo) H2O.  I quickly discovered it was in fact a holy grail product. Bioderma is hard to come by in the U.S., especially if you live in the South a.k.a. no beauty-man’s land".  After searching the internet for U.S. shipping-friendly, European websites I finally gave up.  I soon found out Mexico carried it in their grocery stores and I immediately emailed Jaime who just so happened to be living in Monterrey at the time and requested a bottle (250mL) before her trip back to the States. 

What Would Olivia Pope Wear?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Olivier Theyskens stated that he designs for the "cool girls" and who is more calm, cool and collected than Olivia Pope? She's intelligent, quick, beautiful, and her style is such that professional women can actually get away with imitating it. Yes, you too can dress like Olivia Pope and not get "the look" from your supervisor.

Primer: Makeup for Beginners

Monday, October 7, 2013

 Sam Fine and Vanessa Williams | Source

I have met several barefaced beauties who state that they have never tried makeup.

As a makeup late bloomer, I completely understand. Shopping for makeup can intimidating!  For some of us it can take a little courage to step into a M.A.C. store full of women (and men!) with flawless faces. The shelves of products can be overwhelming. And at the other end of the spectrum, drugstore beauty sections rarely if ever,  have salespersons available to help you match foundations or experiment.  In fact, several drugstore brands don't even feature skin tone ranges wide enough to include dark-skinned women (see: Almay and Neutrogena). Though there are a number of drugstore beauty brands that do cater to women of color, Iman Cosmetics and Black Radiance are sometimes difficult to find depending on your location.

Education is key. So for the makeup novices, here are a few helpful hints.

Moving Sale

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bonjour mes amours!

I am taking a brief hiatus due to a move to Europe and an adjustment period. I'll be back to posting soon! ;)

#TBT: Contouring for Dark Skin

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We found this amaazing contouring video with a darker-skinned model from Give Good Face that needed to be shared. Though the video is from 2012, it's easily one of the best videos we've found in regards to detail. Finding face sculpting videos tips for dark skin (that look natural) aren't always the easiest so keep this bookmarked.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NARS Easy Walking Right nail polish from the Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs Collection (one of two included in the set), $29 


The description on any product brings about the inevitable question of "Whose nude is it?" NARS Easy Walking Right (one of a pair that includes a rose gold polish) appears to be a perfect nude for cinnamon- complexioned women (or a neutral for other darker-toned ladies). The set is part of the Limited Edition Pierre Hardy collection and is available at

Check the #Nude tag for more products that match tones for deeper skin.

A Light Summer Look

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tips from Makeup Artists: Charlie, The Makeup Lab Artistry, New Orleans

Monday, August 12, 2013

Charlie from the Makeup Lab, New Orleans
The use of makeup artists for special occasions is something that I have only recently embraced. One, because it calls my own makeup "skills" into question (you can custom blend my foundation colors?!?*) and two, it never occurred to me to use one until my sister booked one for her bridesmaids last year. I have since learned that if going to the hair salon is a requisite for a special occasion, perhaps a makeup artist should be too.

Inspired by Emeli Sandé whose Live At Royal Albert Hall concert featured not only her amazing voice but a flawless face, I let Charlie McLaughlin of the Makeup Lab Artistry know that I wanted a contoured face and bold eye for my friend's gala. While in his chair I quizzed him about contouring at home and other makeup topics. He graciously indulged my curious makeup mind.

It's Official / The Big Chop

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We are having a roaring 20s moment.  The short cut is here endorsed by Queen Bey herself.  Time to do another kind of "big chop" ladies!

It Still Needs to Be Said...

Source: NY Times 

Years after the topic has been raised in publications that include Time, Vogue, the New York Times and the blog Jezebel (props to you), we are still talking about the lack of models of color in fashion.

NY Times brings it up again in today's article "Fashion's Blind Spot". Writer Eric Wilson notes that even with the spotlight given by the aforementioned publications and the personal efforts of Franca Sozzani (editor of Italian Vogue), Bethann Hardison (former model and advocate for diversity in fashion) and Diane von Furstenburg (designer and President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America) to encourage greater diversity in fashion, many fashion houses have not budged. With so little gained, big names such as Iman are ready to boycott.

The Review: The Method Method

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ratings (out of 5)

Atmosphere & Ambiance (5)
 Product Line (2)
 Skill & Confidence (4)
 Compliments? (Yes!*)
Best for: Cuts

There is a dichotomy that comes with doing natural afro hair. Yes, you may be able to cut it- but can you style it? Yes you can style but can you cut? Sometimes you can get a stylist that can cut your hair damp or dry. However, once it comes time to move to the shampoo bowl, it’s a completely different story. Therefore, we put this question to Amanda, Method’s self-proclaimed curly specialist point-blank. Could she cut and style?  “I can do both,” she said confidently.

The Cut and the Care

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photo source

Those who believe that churches are the most segregated institutions haven’t stepped into a hair salon on a Saturday morning.  Rarely will you find diversity of hair and skin tones located under the roof of one salon.  The huge transition currently underway in black salons due to more women of color embracing their natural textures has only made finding the right salon even more difficult as our hair institutions struggle to find stylists with skill to “manage” natural hair.  When it came to relaxers, it was so much easier to find a salon to touch you up, flat iron you, and send you on your merry way.  But returning to kinks, curls and coils, the hair we were born with, hasn’t made finding a salon easier than you think.

Caring for textured hair is a multi-layered process that honestly impacts not just women of color but all textured-hair women (as evidenced by the curly-hair “online support group” Can you cut?  Can you color?  Can you care?  And most importantly (and rarely) can you do all three?

No Decoding Required. Welcome to PRIME.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photo Source

I thought I’d scored making a last minute appointment with the celebrity stylist-owned salon in my hotel. However, once I checked in with the administrator, she looked at my natural, short 'do, looked back at the screen (at the name of the stylist assigned to me) and let me know that the stylist in this African-American owned salon could not do my hair.  The stylist then came out, looked at my hair from behind the counter and let me know that her "comfort level" was not high enough to even attempt to shape it as requested.  That was all I needed to hear.  If the stylist was not confident enough to do my hair, why would I be comfortable letting her try?

I’d specifically asked my booker if the stylist was capable of doing natural, African-American hair and she assured me that as she herself had curly hair, "of course" the stylist could shape mine.  When mentioning this to the woman at the front desk, the black assistant whispered to me, “She’s new.  Had I taken your call, I would have advised you against the stylist.”

And this is one of the reasons why we've started PRIME .  When it comes to beauty and women of color there is a bit of “decoding” that needs to be done.  A salon review mentions that a stylist is good for “curly” hair.  Does that mean “African-American” hair as well?  If an Asian actress endorses a product citing it’s benefits to her “coarse” hair, does that translate to other ethnicities as well?  If a new body cream is touted for it’s “moisturizing benefits” can the same benefits be felt when it comes to darker skin? “The best new cuts” special in your favorite beauty magazine lists an “Afro” as a cut but you consider it a hair type.  What’s a girl to do?

PRIME aspires to be your first step and your first resource for beauty- no decoding required.

 So send your comments, questions, ideas, and inspiration.  We're ready.

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