What Would Olivia Pope Wear?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Olivier Theyskens stated that he designs for the "cool girls" and who is more calm, cool and collected than Olivia Pope? She's intelligent, quick, beautiful, and her style is such that professional women can actually get away with imitating it. Yes, you too can dress like Olivia Pope and not get "the look" from your supervisor.

Primer: Makeup for Beginners

Monday, October 7, 2013

 Sam Fine and Vanessa Williams | Source

I have met several barefaced beauties who state that they have never tried makeup.

As a makeup late bloomer, I completely understand. Shopping for makeup can intimidating!  For some of us it can take a little courage to step into a M.A.C. store full of women (and men!) with flawless faces. The shelves of products can be overwhelming. And at the other end of the spectrum, drugstore beauty sections rarely if ever,  have salespersons available to help you match foundations or experiment.  In fact, several drugstore brands don't even feature skin tone ranges wide enough to include dark-skinned women (see: Almay and Neutrogena). Though there are a number of drugstore beauty brands that do cater to women of color, Iman Cosmetics and Black Radiance are sometimes difficult to find depending on your location.

Education is key. So for the makeup novices, here are a few helpful hints.

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