Titi Branch of Miss Jessie's Confirmed Dead

Monday, December 15, 2014

Miss Jessie's co-founder Titi Branch (left) with her sister and co-founder Miko Branch.

Multiple news sources are confirming the death of Miss Jessie's co-founder Titi Branch.  Ms. Branch, who is credited with creating Ms. Jessie's flagship product, Curly Pudding, was 45.  

When I first went natural, back in college, Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding was the first product I ever used.  I was loyal to the brand and would browse their gorgeous before and after photos and stock up during their annual Thanksgiving"Buy One, Get One" sales (back then it was "Buy One, Get One Free")

What I loved about the brand the most, was that it worked.  The women who owned the company had thick, tightly packed hair like mine, and their products worked miracles- providing definition and shine that I had no idea I could expect.  I would grow to move onto other products and brands as the market expanded, I would always eventually return to Miss Jessie's at some point (I have two new containers of the Curly Pudding in my bathroom now).

Titi and Miss Jessie's were at the beginning of the mainstream natural hair trend.  You can get natural hair products in Walgreens, Target and Wal-Mart (and perhaps one day, in their Latin American and European equivalents) because of them. 

Though a cause of death has yet to be confirmed by a reputable source, our condolences are with the Branch and Miss Jessie's families.

See more at Washington Post and Clutch.   


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